Gregg Osterhout

Co-Founder, Technical Director
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Technical Director
Teaching at Debut Since: 1991

Gregg got his start in technical theatre for one reason: his sister (not Lee) got her picture in the paper for running lights and he wanted to get his picture in the paper too. He is very happy to say that he’s had his picture in the paper now. Gregg’s mother took he and his siblings to plays from almost the day they were born and they all grew up with the soundtracks to musicals on the record player. Gregg’s early interest in theatre led him to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Film from The University of Colorado in Boulder.

Debut’s Halloween shows are the ones Gregg loves the most. He is always eager to bring out the fog, the black lights and special effects. Favorite shows include all three of Debut’s productions of “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” and “The Fall of the House of Usher.” “Any time we can get a little gasp from the audience, then I know we’ve done something right. “

Gregg is always grateful for the time he can spend with his family; his wife, Jenny, his son, Duncan, and their cat, Trinket. He also has an interest in Genealogy. Somehow, Gregg has also managed to find time to write and is a published children’s playwright.

On teaching theatre, Gregg says: “it’s fun! It’s energetic! It’s living in different times and different places if only for a weekend. It’s creative, and challenging. It’s being part of a 30,000 year old legacy of borrowing from the last generation of artists and passing it on to the newest generation. And it’s about as close as you can get to eternal youth.”