Lee Osterhout-Kaplan

Founder & Artistic Director, Debut Players
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Founder & Artistic Director, Debut Players
Teaching at Debut Since: 1991

Lee’s mom took her to the theater before she could barely sit still. Once she saw the acting, she didn’t want to sit still…She wanted to be up there too! After attending Middle and High school in Fort Collins, Lee studied at the National theatre Conservatory, and the Denver Center Theatre for conservatory and University at CSU.

Lee can’t pick a favorite Debut show. She says, “they are each so unique, imaginative and unforgettable!” Her favorite part of working at Debut is collaborating with her brother, Gregg and she believes that the “group mind” and humor of family transfers into the dynamics of the company. “Debut is a family; a family with a shared love for storytelling, all aspects of theater, and collaboration. Having my former students on staff at DTC, and brilliantly teaching the next generation of young artists, is the most rewarding experience that I have known professionally.”
In her free time, Lee enjoys scuba diving, hiking, collecting costumes, and being both a soccer and a band mom. Her family includes her husband, Les; her daughter, Leana; her son, Lucas; her cat, Roxy; and an ever-changing menagerie of pets.

Lee says, “Young people are open to using their emotions as their medium of expression. I am honored to provide a safe, loving, fun canvas to explore upon. I love dynamic storytelling, and compelling and complex characters that take me on their journey. To feel deeply and express with passion has drawn me to the theater for over 40 years. I have been an actress, designer, costumer, producer, director, trash-taker-outer. Just let me play! “