Robyn Cuthbertson

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World Stage
Teaching at Debut Since: 2011

Robyn is the youngest of five siblings. She was always a ham to get attention from her parents since number five is the “been there, done that” child. When her mom took her to musicals when she was little, Robyn fell in love with them. She knew she was meant for the stage, but never knew that she was going to make it her lifelong passion until she found Debut as a teenager. Robyn has a BA in Theatre from CSU.

Some of Robyn’s favorite roles include The Fairy Godmother in “Cinderella;” Margaret in “Much Ado About Nothing;” “Bebe,” “Mona,” and “Laura” in Lives of the Saints; Glenda in both “The Wizard of OZ” and “The Patchwork Girl of OZ;” and Natella in “The Caucasian Chalk Circle.”

Robyn is also a professional make-up artist and loves doing special effects make-up. With a friend, she writes a blog which offers advice perspectives. She loves to travel, see new places, and expand her mind in the world around her. She is obsessed with the city of London. “I studied abroad there one summer and I fell in love with their culture.

The theatre I experienced there was unlike any other I have ever witnessed. It is my dream to go back and live there for at least 6 months to continue my theatrical education.” Robyn also loves her husband, Drew, and her dog, Zazu.

Robyn says, “Sharing the knowledge I have learned through my years of teaching is the most rewarding thing for me. I strive to teach the kiddos to love the theatre as much as I do! My life revolves around theatre and I will always follow its path.”