Celebrating 31 years – Come PLAY with us!


Spring registration is open!


Our Spring Troupes for this semester (click on link to see class details):

First Stage 1 & 2 | Beginner (grades 3-5)
Pre-Ten-Ders | Intermediate (grades 3-5)
Stage Two  | Beginner/Intermediate (grades 6-8)
Center Stage | Intermediate (grades 6-8)
World Stage | Intermediate/Advanced (grades 6-10)  
Act Teen | Advanced (grades 8-12)


Classes are considered experience appropriate as follows:

Beginner: Actors new to theatre or having minimal performing experience
Beginner/Intermediate: Actors with some on-stage performing experience & Debut students who are “moving up”
Intermediate: Previous shows with Debut and/or some on-stage performing experience
Intermediate/Advanced: Debut students who have gotten older & actors new to Debut with a similar company.
Advanced: For the actor who is dedicated to the serious commitment of theatre. By Reference or Audition Only.


Registration Instructions:

 Important information:

  • Classes are held at Debut at 827 Riverside Ave.
  • Class sizes are limited.
  • Specifically designed curriculum appropriate for this year to reinforce student well-being, and be adaptable.
  • Live theatre is slowly re-opening. Please be partners with us in the process.


To be added to our mailing list and receive registration notifications, newsletters, etc., we look forward to hearing from you: 970-224-5774 or debuttheatre@gmail.com .